Welcome to the Sunridge Woods Association Compliance Page
Major spring inspections of all properties throughout the entire Community will begin March 1st, 2024
While we inspect the community for ongoing violations on a near-weekly basis throughout the year, we do a major inspection twice annually of all properties for any and all needed corrections, in the spring and fall.
We ask that all residents inspect their own properties at this time, and make any needed corrections prior to the spring inspection.
The Committee presently has very limited volunteers, so if you would like to volunteer to assist with major inspections, please reach out to us, we would be happy to have help.
The purpose and spirit of all the specific rules and restrictions in the Governing Documents are to keep all lots and their included structures "neat and attractive." These are the things volunteers will be looking at on every property during our major inspections:
TRASH CAN STORAGE: This is the most common/widespread violation at this time. While we made a lot of progress through continued enforcement with residents leaving cans and bulk trash at the curb on non-pickup days, many, many members still have cans stored improperly.
There is a simple test for this. Drive or walk past your property from each direction on the street, and take a look. IF YOU CAN SEE YOUR CANS FROM ANY ANGLE FROM THE STREET, THEY ARE NOT BEING STORED PROPERLY. 
Cans must be stored NOT VISIBLE FROM THE STREET, either behind dwellings, in garages, within an HOA approved fence, FULLY concealed by landscaping, or behind an HOA APPROVED trash hide. ARB guidelines for trash hides are available here, or you can submit an ARB application for potential approval of other options. The commercially available, short, see-through pieces of white lattice we are seeing installed flush with the side of the dwelling are NOT approved trash hides.
Compliance will be focusing on cans not properly being stored and unapproved trash hides this year. Please self-check your property to make sure the trash and recycling bins are being stored in a compliant manner. If you wish to install a trash hide, please submit an ARB for approval prior to completing this project.
DRIVEWAYS: The HOA requires driveways to be kept clean. More driveways than not in the community need to be cleaned at this time. The winter weather is almost over, and it is a great time to get the driveway cleaned up for the sunny season. Self-inspect for black mold, algae, or dirt which need to be removed. This can be removed with pressure washing, and/or use of a product such as 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner (or a similar product). If there are orange stains from irrigation, they can be removed using Iron Out (or a similar product.) If you wish to replace your driveway or use a colored driveway seal, please remember to submit an ARB form prior to completing those projects. While it is not required by the HOA, pressure washing the gutter line (white strip along road edge of some properties) can do a lot for improving curb appeal as well. 
FENCES: Many fences are in need of repair, cleaning, or both. Self-inspect fences for mold, algae, etc. This can be cleaned with pressure washing alone and/or a variety of products. Also inspect fences for any damage, leaning, broken boards, etc. If you wish to replace any fencing, install a new fence, or wish to apply a stain or paint, please remember to submit an ARB form prior to completing those projects.
DWELLINGS: After the cool and wet time of year, many dwellings are in need of cleaning to remove either black mold or green algae. Tell-tale places to check include underneath exterior window sills and walls, particularly the areas close to the roofline. This can be removed with pressure washing, and/or use of a product such as 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner (or a similar product). Black mold can also accumulate on the roof shingles as well, and if it excessive or  blatantly noticeable, we may request the roof be cleaned. Companies which clean roofs typically utilize a mixture of soft-washing and chemical treatment. If your exterior paint is visibly faded or lines from the block are showing, you may need to repaint the dwelling. Please remember to submit an ARB form for approval prior to repainting dwellings, sheds, or doing any exterior paint work. 
LANDSCAPING: Grass should be kept mowed to an appropriate height (even, without weeds sticking up higher than the trimline), trees and shrubs should be kept trimmed and shapely. Dead, hanging palm fronds should be removed from palms, along with dead limbs from any other trees. Completely dead trees or shrubs, or those damaged or diseased beyond any hope of recovery, need to be removed. Major bare areas in the grass should be remediated, as all lawns are required to be fully sodded. If you wish to entirely resod the lawn, or need to have healthy trees removed, please submit an ARB form prior to completing these projects. We will be reinspecting lawns closer to the onset of summer for any members who are issued warnings in spring to look for improvement.
YARD ARTICLES AND SIGNS: Items in the driveway, or in the yard, visible to the street are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: pallets and building materials, junk or bulk trash, grills, lawnmowers or landscaping equipment, wheelbarrows, bags of mulch or other landscaping materials, household items, toys, or any other items.
Signs of any kind are not permitted without ARB approval, with the exception of real estate signs, or contractor signs which will be removed upon the completion of any work. Basketball hoops and other sports equipment or structures (goal posts, nets, etc) are only permitted on the driveway or front yard area when in active use, meaning people are out with them and using them. They should be according to Association guidelines (not extending past the furthest front elevation of the when not in active use. Furniture of any kind is also not permitted in driveways unless in active use. Please see Article IX of the restrictive Covenants and the ARB Planning Criteria for additional details. 
VEHICLE VIOLATIONS: While the Committee worked hard in 2023 to see better enforcement of the vehicle policies, we still have some residents who are parking commercial vehicles in driveways overnight uncovered, parking in the grass (no parking in the grass anywhere in the community including on your own lot- all 4 wheels must be on a paved surface at all times when parking on the street or in driveways) or who are parking campers, trailers, boats or motorcycles in the community (these vehicles must be stored behind HOA approved fences or in garages). More detailed information regarding these policies are available in the Governing Documents and ARB Planning Criteria.
MAILBOXES: Many mailboxes in the neighborhood are in need of cleaning and/or some TLC. Please inspect your mailbox. Wooden posts may need pressure washing, metal posts may need to be sanded and given a fresh coat of Rustoleum paint (or similar product). If you wish to install a new mailbox, a decorative mailbox, or you wish to paint the mailbox in any color besides black or white, please submit an ARB form for approval prior to doing so. 
LEAVES: It's that time of year again! Members are responsible for leaf removal on their own properties, regardless of from what trees the leaves originated. Excessive leaves covering a lawn is considered a violation, or allowing them to accumulate in the roads and gutters. Leaves should not be blown or raked into the street or neighboring properties, and should be bagged and removed. Landscaping waste pickup takes place each Monday. Leaving excess leaves on the lawn the lawn can also create bare areas which will usually require remediation later in the spring, as all lawns are required to be fully sodded.
This is just a general idea of the types of needed maintenance we are seeing in the community that need addressing that we will be inspecting for. You can keep scrolling on this page for a more detailed inspection checklist.
Please self inspect your property at this time and make any needed corrections prior to March 1st, 2024 to avoid violation notice and potential fining.
All Governing Documents, Rules and Regulations, and ARB Planning Criteria are available here on the website. Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions. 
Compliance Self-Check
  • Landscaping
    • Yards should be fully sodded, with no major bare spots.
    • Hedges and trees should be trimmed, and landscape beds visible from any street are free of weeds.
    • Dead trees, shrubs, or other vegetation should be removed from landscape.
    • Corner lots should have a side yard "landscape buffer" (this refers to trees and shrubs planted between the road and fencing). Contact the ARB if you need to install a buffer.
    • Commercial trailers and vehicles with logos should have logos covered while parked, or be stored in garage.
    • Campers, trailers, boats, mobile homes, motorized recreational vehicles, and motorcycles should be stored inside a garage, or in a compliant manner, in accordance with the charter (must be behind a fence in the back or side yard, on the side opposite any side streets).
    • Play equipment, trampolines, tools, grills, propane tanks, etc should be properly maintained and not visible from the street.
    • Due to lot size, all lots must be landscaped.  If you have no trees or shrubs in your front yard, and need to install landscaping, please contact the ARB for project approval.
  • Structures
    • Houses, driveways, mailboxes, sheds and other structures are free of any black mold, green algae, rust, dirt, etc (can be remedied by pressure washing and/or the use of a product such as 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner or similar).
    • Paint issues - including visible block showing through paint, paint degraded to the point of no longer being "neat and attractive", homes that were painted in colors not approved by ARB, etc. If you need to paint your home, please contact the ARB.
    • Garage doors must be painted in colors which complement existing structure colors, and require prior ARB approval.
    • No damaged or rotting wood trim, shingles, or boards should be present. Roof structure damage must be repaired within a reasonable time-frame. If you wish to replace or re-shingle your roof, please contact the ARB in advance to help ensure compliance.
    • Fences should be kept clean (i.e. pressure washed), and structurally sound and in generally good repair. Contact the ARB in advance of any fence replacements or changes.
    • Driveways should be kept clean and in good repair. Driveway replacements, the addition of sealants, or decorative coatings should be discussed with the ARB in advance. Major damage to driveways may require repair to be considered in compliance, but regular wear is permissible. This is at the discretion of the board.
    • Pools and lanais must be maintained. Lanai cages should be clean and free of mold and algae, and all panels should be screened. Pools must be maintained and are not permitted to go stagnant as a matter of both county ordinance and HOA rules and regulations.
    • No clothing, bedding, or other similar items should be hung over or on any windows, doors, walls, or fences if the same be visible from any street or common property.  Any writing on window coverings should not be visible from any street.  Blinds and window coverings visible from the street or common property should be kept in good repair.
  • Ongoing Compliance
    • Keep lawn mowed to an appropriate height, and maintain trees, shrubs, and other landscape elements.
    • Store trash cans on the side or rear of the property, not visible from the street (including recycling and garden waste). Trash cans are permitted to be on the curb the day before pick-up and returned to an out-of-site location the day of pickup no later than 11pm. Please bundle or bag garden waste so no mess is left upon removal.
    • Schedule pickup of bulk items with Polk County Waste Management before placing them on the curbside. If they are unable to pick up the items you wish to dispose of, you then become responsible for removing them from the community in a timely manner.
    • Signs are not permitted in yards when visible from any street, with the exception of temporary signs for contractors which will be removed upon timely completion of the work.
    • No parking in the grass at any time. Vehicles in driveways should be operable and maintained. Inoperable vehicles or vehicles without a current registration should be stored in the garage or removed from the community.
    • Noise, including loud music, barking dogs, screeching tires, etc, should be kept to a minimum. Noise of this nature is prohibited by Polk County ordinance as well as HOA regulations.
    • Pets are not free to roam and should be leashed at all times when not contained in your fenced yard. This is also a county ordinance. All animal waste should be cleaned up from resident yards and common areas.
    • Owners who rent their properties long or short-term are responsible to make their tenants or guests aware that they are living or staying in a deed-restricted community and should be asked to respect the community's documents. The owner shall be responsible for any indiscretions committed by tenants or guests.
A Final Note From The Committee
Everyone that purchased a home in this community agreed to comply with these standards, as set forth by the Board of Directors. Please note that the spirit of the Charter is "neat and attractive" with regard to compliance standards and property maintenance. As such, this is not an exhaustive list of potential violations, and the HOA Board of Directors and the Compliance Committee reserve the right to request changes to your property based on other criteria if needed to maintain that standard. Any major changes to your property including but not limited to major landscaping changes, house painting, roof replacement, driveway replacement, door and window replacement, large architecture or landscaping adornments, etc. require ADVANCE ARB approval to ensure compliance. You can review the latest updates to rules and regulations via the ARB Planning Criteria. We encourage all residents to also review all the  Bylaws and Covenants  in detail for their own edification. Please note that some rules in the original documents may now be non-enforced, or addressed via the planning criteria, due to updates to Florida Statute 720
If you are selling your home, compliance violations may cause delays with Estoppel requests.
Our committee is here to serve you, and with your help we will work to ensure Sunridge Woods remains a wonderful, safe, and well-maintained community. Thank you to all our residents.
Mar 1, 2022
March 2022: After our initial major inspection, the Compliance Committee issued violations to approximately 150 properties throughout the community. We wish to sincerely thank those members who received a notice and have already corrected or are taking steps to correct any violations. Your efforts are very much appreciated, and the changes and improvements throughout the community are already making a noticeable difference. One of the common concerns expressed to us during this process was that other properties in the community may have more egregious or longstanding violations than others that were also issued. We do understand your frustration and we ask for your patience, as ALL violations on all properties are being addressed, but some may take more time than others to reach a resolution.
The Committee would like to issue a reminder at this time regarding vehicle policies. There is NO PARKING ON THE GRASS ANYWHERE IN THE COMMUNITY AT ANY TIME, including on your own lot. All vehicles must be parked with all 4 wheels on the pavement, or in the driveways or garages. Commercial vehicles should be parked with logos covered or in the garage. It was noted during our recent inspections that a great deal of vehicle violations are occurring after dark. We will be enforcing vehicle policies more regularly going forward, and issuing violations to properties not in compliance. Please review the bylaws regarding vehicles below:
Article IX Section 7: Vehicles. No vehicle may be parked in the Community except on paved streets and paved driveways. No inoperative vehicles shall be allowed to remain in the Community in excess of forty-eight (48) hours unless kept in an enclosure and not visible from the street or any other Lot. No commercial vehicles, except those present on business, shall be parked on any part of the Community. No trailers, boats, campers, trucks, mobile homes, motorized recreational vehicles or motorcycles may be parked in the Community unless parked inside a garage or on the side of (opposite any side street) or behind the Dwelling.
The Committee would also like to note that Polk County Waste Management has recently had some difficulties maintaining service. If your collection is missed or you have bulk trash that needs to be picked up, you must still store it out of sight until such time as it will be collected, either by scheduling with the county for a bulk pickup, or on the next regular collection day. Please see the county's website at for more information. Our Association trash policy is as follows: Store trash cans on the side or rear of the property, not visible from the street (including recycling and garden waste). Trash cans are permitted to be on the curb after 6pm the day before pick-up, and returned to an out-of-site location the day of pickup no later than 11pm. Bulk trash should be stored out of sight and not placed on the curb until the previously scheduled pickup time. Please bundle or bag garden waste so no mess is left upon removal.
Compliance will remain routine and ongoing. If there are any questions, or if you wish to report any ongoing violations the committee can be contacted at Thank you again to all our members.
Feb 1, 2022
UPDATE: The Compliance Committee has nearly completed its major inspection for our community for the first half of the year, and will begin to issue violations at this time. Committee volunteers inspect each property fully and to the best of their ability. They provide the Board of Directors with a report of details including violation types and pictures, to keep the process transparent. Compliance inspections will remain routine and ongoing. Each and every compliance violation will be addressed by the Committee in a sequence which its time and resources permit. Violation notifications will be sent via email or by letter, or both, depending on whether or not you have specified a “paperless” preferred form of communication with the Association. Violation notices will include a time frame to correct any violations, after which time the property will be reinspected. If at that time, the violation is still present, a second violation will be issued, and also submitted to our legal team, which will again indicate a (possibly shorter) time frame to complete any corrections. If further compliance enforcement is needed beyond that time, it may result in formal legal proceedings, in which, if the Association prevails, it is entitled to recover its reasonable costs and attorney’s fees, which can be substantial, and will be collected. If ARB involvement is necessary to complete any corrections to your property, it is prudent to contact them immediately upon receiving a violation to ensure proper time for any needed approval and timely completion of corrections. They will communicate to the Compliance Committee the date your corrections will be complete for reinspection. Please be assured we are working toward resolving any and all compliance issues as expediently as possible, and we appreciate the cooperation of our homeowners in this process. It is helping to maintain a quality standard of living for our residents, and protecting property values for all owners. To contact the Compliance Committee with any questions, or to report any ongoing violations, please email us at Thank you.
Jan 1, 2022
Happy New Year! The Sunridge Woods Compliance Committee will be conducting property inspections beginning in February 2022. We encourage everyone to check their property before this time, and remedy any issues in advance, to avoid any potential violations. Most of our residents do a great job maintaining HOA compliant standards. As a committee, our goal is to see that all homes meet compliance standards for the overall benefit of the community. We appreciate everyone's cooperation in maintaining these standards. Please see the self-checklist below in order to prepare for inspections. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the committee at